RCS-7/Linux, small footprint Linux based SCADA system

For someone looking for a small, simple, and robust SCADA system, RCS-7/Linux is an excellent choice. The RCS-7 line of products have been used for various applications ranging from:

  • electricity generation, transmission and distribution
  • manufacturing, breweries to steel mills
  • oil and gas, gathering and pipelines
  • railroads
  • telecommunication
RCS-7/Linux is proven to be reliable requiring little or no maintenance, even after years of service. RCS-7/Linux utilizes the Kinesix HMI which supports operator stations on virtually all platforms including Windows. RCS-7/Linux is an inexpensive SCADA system that is scalable from the very small to the very large (250,000+ points).

For more information: www.auspex-inc.com

Special Applications

Expert applications for various needs.

Leak Track 2000

Leak Track 2000 is a transmission pipeline leak detection system for liquids. Leak Track 2000 has been successfully used with multiple pipelines with complicated interconnects. Leak Track 2000 has been used with pipelines that transport everything from crude oil to refined products to liquefied gases such as propane.

Leak Track is an expert pipeline operations system. By keeping accurate track of batch locations and event alerting Leak Track 2000 helps operators to efficiently and safely operate a pipeline.

Leak Track 2000 provides an optional real-time training simulator that combines real-time with simulated data to create a real world experience for operator testing and training.

For more information: www.leaktrack2000.com

Hydroelectric Dam Optimization

Auspex developed a specialized application for Georgia Power to help optimize the hydroelectric dam operation. This application took into account generator performance, head pressure and flow requirements to select which generators to operate. The plant at the time had various generators and performance characteristics.
This application has only been tested with with RCS-7/VMS.